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Syed Akbar Ali: Tun Daim Confirms Maszlee Dunggu. Ok So What Next? And What About His Boss?


Here is a recent interview with Tun Daim that appeared in The Edge.

This article first appeared in The Edge Financial Daily, on August 6, 2019.

Let us not be under any illusions * We are still far from being out of the woods * We are far from being ready for the changes happening around us * We are far from being a united people * We are far from being able to compete at global level * We are far from being able to embrace differences and changes * underpinning all this unpreparedness is education * education key to preparing youth for future * education ministry has failed to prioritise right issues * hindered  progress of reforms within the national education policy

Malaysia far from developed country with unified citizens
ready to face industrial challenges of future
said Tun Daim Zainuddin.
Malaysia still playing catch up with 4th IR
other countries gearing for 5th IR
Let us not be under any illusions
We are still far from being out of the woods
We are far from being ready for the changes happening around us.
We are far from being a united people
We are far from being able to compete at global level
We are far from being able to embrace differences and changes
  • underpinning all this unpreparedness is education
  • education key to preparing youth for future
  • education ministry has failed to prioritise right issues 
  • hindered  reforms in national education policy
  • We are still arguing Maths and Science in English
  • rest of the world embarked on advanced curriculums 
  • focus on IR4 to make their youth more competitive, relevant 
  • IR4 we must go through knowledge-based economy 
  • Malaysia failed because MOE not got priorities right 
  • education ministry must not fail our nation 
  • still mired in political rhetoric of languages
  • others have moved beyond into programming, coding
  • when will we realise just how far behind we are
rise of technology in industrialisation
govt policies (must) allow people to maximise potential 
pursue creative pursuits,  complemented by technology
technology will have most impact on future employment 
AI, Big Data, Robotics, Supply Chain Logistics, Smart Mfg
World Economic Forum estimated 133 million new jobs  
ability to think critically, logically, wisely
must raise new generation of leaders, great thinkers
not of sheep and cowards
My comments :
OK lets do the easy part. Tun Daim says :
underpinning all this unpreparedness is education

education key to preparing youth for future

education ministry has failed to prioritise right issues

hindered progress of reforms within the national education policy.

We are still arguing Maths and Science in English
Well the Education Ministry is not run by Atoi with whom I played gasing when I was about six years old. 

Instead the Education Ministry is run by this fellow here, a first class moron.
Related image

But this fellow has a boss. His boss is the Prime Minister. Dr Mahathir.   
If the MOE has failed then why doesnt his Boss fire him? 
If the Boss does not fire him, then doesnt that mean the Boss is also dunggu?
I mean the PM can just call the Minister and tell him "You idiot - do 25 push ups now". He will most likely do it. The PM has full power. Obviously the PM does NOT want to use that power.  

The PM does not give orders to the Minister to implement the PPSMI.
Folks it is the PM who is just playing a game with us. A silly game.
Because every few weeks or so, just like he did over that useless Singapore water issue (thank Allah that issue has been dropped now) the PM has the habit of bringing up the PPSMI issue.
"We must teach Maths and Science in English". Then nothing happens. 
Then after another few weeks, again "We must teach Maths and Science in English".  Then again nothing happens.
Now Tun Daim is also saying the same thing :  "We must teach Maths and Science in English".   Again nothing will happen.  
The Minister of Education has failed miserably. He is busy appointing his IKRAM friends as VCs and Board members of the IPTAs. 

That Darul Terr_ris mufti also seems to have his finger in the game.  Indeed the education ministry has failed.
Will the Prime Minister be appointing a new Minister of Education ? Nope. 
The PM has said 'There will be NO Cabinet reshuffle'.
The same non performing ministers and the same non performing policies will continue. 

So can both Dr Mahathir and Tun Daim just stop talking about the PPSMI? 
It is not going to happen.  Stop conning the people.
So just drop it ok.
Or it could be camouflage to cover up, deflect or divert attention from other things they are doing. There could be a timing.

Whatever. Here is a bigger fact -  nothing is going to change. 

Khazanah Nasional (aka the GLCs lah) is now trying to get a monopoly on Tongkat Ali !!  What ?  Tongkat Ali !!   So what is the point of complaining :  We are far from being able to compete at global level.
How can you teach business to people who dont know business by giving them monopolies? Akan jadi lagi bodoh. The con game is becoming a bit too ridiculous. 
Here are some other points :
We are far from being ready for the changes happening around us.
OSTB : This statement is not entirely true. According to this site here of our 32 million population 'only 50.4% of the population is Malay and the rest is Bumiputera, Muslim, and other ethnic groups including majorities and minorities.'
The problem of  'we are far from being ready for the changes' does not apply equally to all Malaysians. 
The 49.6% of non Malays, other bumiputeras plus also a significant number of the 50.4% Malays are actually ready, able and willing to face up to changes. 

For example the majority from the 49.6% of non Malays, and a significant number of the 50.4% Malays  want the PPSMI in the sekolah kebangsaan.
So in reality it is actually a minority in the country, a smaller number  within that 50.4% of Malays who are holding things back. 
And these would include the 'vested interests'. Including those traditionally UMNO cronies who make millions from Malay school book publishing contracts whose 'support' is now being courted.  
The same for the comment :   We are far from being a united people
Again this statement is not accurate. The "other" 49.6% of Malaysians who are of other races do not really seem to have major issues. They are quite united. 
  • Christian Dayaks get along fine with Kadazans and Dusuns. 
  • Christian Kadazans get along ok with the Chinese in Sabah. 
  • Hindu Indians get along fine with the Buddhist Chinese on the Peninsula. 
  • The Sikh Punjabis get along fine with the Indian Muslims on the Peninsula etc.
In my family we trek into the jungles and rivers. We always see multi racial groups of young people (usually Indians, Chinese) trekking and hiking together.
But nowadays you very, very rarely see any Malays trekking with non Malays. 

Just go for lunch in KL. You will see Indians, Chinese, Punjabis having lunch together. But it is a rare sight to see Malays having lunch with non Malays. Tak halal maa.
So from a point of accuracy it is incorrect to say that ALL Malaysians are disunited. 

It is more accurate to say that it is some (though not all) of the 50.4% Malays versus the rest of the races. 

The 49.6% of the other non-Malay races in Malaysia appear more united with each other.
We are far from being able to compete at global level
Again this is NOT an accurate statement. 

Ipoh Garden Bhd went big into Australia a long time ago. They almost lost their pants but in the end they prevailed. 
Shangri La Hotels started to venture out in the 1980s. Now they are an internationally recognised hotel chain. 
Genting now owns the largest Cruise Ship company in the whole world. 
YTL bought into Thames Water UK and have done ok.  

But these are all Chinese. Kafir. Cina makan babi. So they "dont count". As if they dont exist.

If the government had given focus to our manufacturing industries in the 1970s and focused on creating world brands, Malaysia would have had our own version of Samsung, Hoover, Asus, Daewoo etc by now.  Yes they would have been most likely Chinese owned (kafir makan babi again) but they would still be Malaysian. 

Not all Malaysians are unable to compete at the global level.  

Over two million non Malay Malaysians have migrated overseas. Many do well or at least they are doing good.    The attitude of some (not all)  Malays towards them is : Good riddance. Dont come back. (Yo I am just stating the facts ok.) 

But now there is a new phenomenon. An increasing number of Malays are also migrating, especially to Australia.  So how? Good riddance to them too? Dont come back as well?
The problem in Malaysia is when the 50.4% Malays are involved - and that too NOT ALL the 50.4% of Malays.
We are far from being able to embrace differences and changes
Again I beg to differ.  The Malays had their own separate identity. The Malays were a cool people with a great culture, fantastic love of music, song, dance etc which was a moderating influence on all Malaysians.  Have we forgotten the P Ramlee movies? 

Go back a few hundred years - recall the Chinese Babas and the Indian Chittys. As a teenager in Melaka  I used to watch Baba Kim Tek doing the joget and lawan pantun in Bandar Hilir. I played volleyball with my Indian Chitty friend  "P.P."  They could only speak Malay. 

It was not only evidence that Chinese and Indians could adopt the Malay culture but more importantly it was solid evidence that the Malay culture went out to embrace other people. 

If the Malays of those hundreds of years ago had told the Chinese and Indians 'kau kafir, kau kotor, kau bukan halal, kau kena ada kuota' and all that crap I dont think there would have been any Babas or Chittys. Everyone would have avoided the Malays. 

Why were the Malays so different then?  

Because at that time there was no JAKIM, no PAS, no UMNO, no Salafis, no Darul Terroris, no NEP, no need for 'ketuanan Melayu' and all the other crap.  

There were no Halal stickers tapi Melayu tak makan babi pun. 

At that time the Malays did not wear the religion on their forehead. The Malay identity was independent and able to stand on its own.  Without any help from a desert Arab culture (budaya padang pasir Arab). 

It was the relaxed and very adaptive local Malay culture that was adopted by the Chinese Babas and Indian Chittys.  

So today, we have an issue only with some of the 50.4% Malay population who are far from from able to embrace differences and changes

That statement has to be qualified. The 49.6% of other races in the country do not have the same problem. 

And  .. .. .there are a substantial number of Malays within that 50.4% who are able to embrace change.   But they get condemned by the remaining 50.4%.  

If the girls do not dress like lepat pisang they are condemned as liberal.
If anyone questions the cebuk dale sungai retards, they get labelled as sesat.
If you question the yellowed pages they hit you with the Sedition Act.

If we really sit down and count all the beans, the number of the "problematic people" are not many.  But sadly the "problematic people" are holding back and pulling down not just themselves but even the non-problematic people in the country.

To close this, here is a comment from an old school friend of mine TC Lim  from Penang. Lim says :       
  • Our ministers have stupid ideas! 
  • Even the DAP fellas are starting to disappoint us. 
  • Nothing is happening in business. 
  • That's the problem.    
  • The biggest group in the community - the Malays - are behind the others.
  • And they've not come up with any program to help them improve.   
  • Instead they want to start khat. 
  • Don't say khat, even if they start Chinese calligraphy is also not right. It's stupid. 
  • They should have programs to help the young Malay kids to improve their mindsets. 
  • Old man starting to disappoint us.

They are wasting time.

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