Friday, May 3, 2013

Difference between BN's ceramahs and PR's ceramahs

Difference between BN's ceramahs and PR's ceramahs:

BN: If you don't give us mandate, there might be chaos or repeat of May 13 after election
PR: If you give us mandate, we will make sure that you will be safe after election.

BN: If we lose, this country will go bankrupt.
PR: If we win, this country will be a better nation as we fight corruption.

BN: If we lose, you will not get development.
PR: If we win, we will curb corruption and use the savings to develop this nation. Look at Penang and Selangor under PR.

BN (UMNO): We need to defend our Malay's right and Muslim (to the Malay)
BN (MCA): We need to defend the Chinese (to the Chinese)
PR: We need to defend MALAYSIANS, regardless if you are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban.

BN: If we win, every year you ill get BR1M.
PR: If we win, your children will get free education and we will fight crime.

BN: We cannot lose. We need to defend Putrajaya at all cost.
PR: We need to win to clean up the electoral roll which is full of phantom voters and immigrants who hold blue IC.

One is spreading fear and intimidation.
The other is spreading hope and brighter future.

Who do you prefer to lead this nation?

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