Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Al Jazeera: Inside Story - Malaysia's election scandals

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  1. The man from Bernama perfectly typifies the smug complacency of BN after 56 years of uninterrupted power. Of course, he doesn't want to rock the boat of status quo, no matter how corrupt or dysfunctional - because he has done very well for himself and his family. Is he worried about the abysmal failure of Malaysia's education system? Not at all, he can probably afford to send his own kids to expensive schools and universities abroad. Indeed, it serves BN extremely well to keep the masses dumbed down and semi-literate, because that has become its main voter base. What we're seeing here is, in fact, a war between the exploitative, top-down, authoritarian, unaccountable, neo-colonial style of government inherited from 19th century Britain - and the unstoppable yearning of the younger generation for a more open, more inclusive, more progressive, more transparent and interactive, more consensual style of management. The traditional elites who have amassed an obscene amount of wealth over the decades are, understandably, seriously threatened by Anwar Ibrahim's battle cry of "Ketuanan Rakyat" - which means People Power.