Friday, March 8, 2013

Penang BN supporters: No rule of law, law of the jungle rules?

Transcript of Lim Guan Eng's comments on the violent demonstration shown in the video above: 

They only know the language of hate and acts of violence. They almost broke down the glass door. If this is the type of supporters of Barisan Nasional, how can the people trust Barisan Nasional?

If BN supporters are like these, how can we trust Barisan Nasional?

Why is it that police allowed these people to act with impunity?Why did the police just standby and do nothing when they behaved like this? I think this is a more important question. The police must explain not only to the state government, but also to the rakyat.

They used racist language. The police must explain why they did not take any action.

Look at the way they attacked the glass door, people may be hurt. I think we must have something more solid.

We want to know why the police did not take any action. No arrest made, how can?

If we allow law breakers to threaten law makers, then we don't have rule of law in Malaysia, only the law of the jungle.

In summary, these type of violence, these type of behaviours, typical of BN supporters. The police must explain.

Politically how can the rakyat support BN when their supporters are like gangsters?

If they turn up, the police must be responsible.

The people can see the BN true colours.

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  1. Basically taste of his own medicine. Both are of the same kind.