Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A must-watch on how corruption is committed by Sarawak leaders

MACC mentioned they'll act accordingly. Let me give a very very predictable outcome: MACC will do nothing! No Sarawak leaders will be prosecuted! The emergence of this video is another nail to UMNO's and BN's coffin. Spread this video out! 

From The Malaysian Insider:

MACC to ‘act accordingly’ on new video expose evidence, says director

KUALA LUMPUR, March 20 – Ongoing investigations against Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud will continue following new leads that have emerged, the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) said today.

This follows a 16-minute covert video revealed by Global Witness (GW) implicating Taib (picture) and his family with shady land deals, which surfaced in the media yesterday.

“The investigation has been ongoing. With the new evidence that has emerged the MACC will act accordingly,” its director of investigation Datuk Mustafa Ali told The Malaysian Insider by text message here.

The corruption watchdog had two years ago confirmed that they were investigating Taib over allegation of timber corruption.

“We are investigating Taib Mahmud and whatever our action is, we cannot reveal at this moment,” MACC commissioner Datuk Seri Abu Kassim Mohamed was quoted as saying in June 2011.

Civil society groups had earlier today demanded an immediate response from Putrajaya and MACC, which they claimed had been toothless in probing the Sarawak chief minister over his alleged ill-gotten riches.

The group of civil society organisations had also asked for a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on the matter before the 13th general elections which are expected very soon.

“This is very terrible for Malaysia ... (We need) nothing less than RCI. We call the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to call an RCI to investigate this issue,” Sarajun Hoda, a representative of reform movement Aliran.

Meanwhile, the Advocates Association of Sarawak (AAS) has indicated that they will investigate and act against the lawyer featured in the GW clip.

The Sarawak lawyer, identified as Alvin Chong, allegedly represented sisters Fatimah Abdul Rahman and Norlia Abdul Rahman who were recorded in the video describing potentially illegal deals.

Both are daughters of former state chief minister Tun Abdul Rahman Ya’akub and first cousins with the incumbent CM Taib.

“AAS will take appropriate action after due inquiry. One of the possible courses of action is to refer any complaints received on this matter to the Advocates Inquiry Committee,” a spokesman from AAS told The Malaysian Insider.

The Advocates Inquiry Committee is an independent statutory body separate from AAS, consisting senior lawyers from the state appointed by the Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak. The lawyers in both Borneo states are not under the jurisdiction of the Malaysian Bar, which only represents lawyers in the Malay peninsula.

In a 16-minute video clip released yesterday, GW investigators posing as foreign investors recorded snippets of their conversation with Taib’s cousins and lawyers, made under the pretext of purchasing Sarawak land for hefty profit and which the environmental campaigner said would displace thousands of the indigenous people living there.

Taib had suggested yesterday that his cousins and others implicated in the video exposé were promoting themselves to be his agents to solicit favours.

“OK I saw the so-called proof. Could it not be someone who tried to promote themselves to be an agent to get favours from me?

“It has nothing to do with me. I think it is a bit naughty of them. They are using their big powers to blacken my name,” the Sarawak chief minister said when approached by reporters in the state capital Kuching.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Koon Yew Yin: Malaysia's education disaster - time for change

By Koon Yew Yin

As election day comes closer, we will be asked for reasons as to why we should want to change the BN. When the question is put to me, I tell people that there is no need to enumerate three, four or five reasons. One reason alone is sufficient for Malaysians to elect a new government.

The reason is that the BN has ruined our educational system and put us back at least one generation in our educational standards and standing.

When the country became independent in 1957 our educational system was acknowledged to be amongst the best in the region. Today, after the introduction of NEP policies in education, we are scraping the bottom of the barrel in our standards of educational achievement at all levels.

BN's record
Whether it is in primary, secondary or tertiary education, the rot is clear. Half literate primary school products that cannot write or speak properly in either English or Bahasa and drop out early; secondary students with abysmal standards in Mathematics, Science and other core subjects; tertiary students who are provided with university degrees but in fact are unemployable except in the civil service.

This is the disastrous outcome of BN rule. This is the result of the politicisation of the educational system and UMNO's cynical use of it as a political and racial football.

Whether it is with regard to mission schools or vernacular or SRJK schools; teaching of science and mathematics; teaching of English; appointment of administrators and heads of schools; the curriculum; examinations; vocational education; funding and allocations - Umno has inserted its racial and political agenda to debase and corrupt the system.

If readers think that I am overly critical of the BN, let me provide two pieces of evidence on the disaster in our education.

The first is from the government itself. According to the national education blueprint (Preliminary report, Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025, pp, E4-E5), Malaysia was ranked in the bottom third of 74 participating countries of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2009+.

60% of the 15-year-old Malaysian students who participated in Pisa failed to meet the minimum proficiency level in Mathematics, while 44% and 43% did not meet the minimum proficiency levels in Reading and Science respectively.

A comparison of scores shows that 15-year-olds in Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Shanghai are performing as though they have had three or more years of schooling than 15-year-olds in Malaysia.

Low achievement standards in TIMSS (Maths and Science): far behind first tier; now comparable to countries such as Indonesia.

By 2007 (last published cycle) 18% and 20% of our students failed to meet the minimum proficiency standards in Maths and Science.

The conclusion of the blueprint is shocking. Not only are the gaps between Malaysia and other countries in our region growing, international assessments also revealed that Malaysian student performance is declining in absolute terms.

This damning conclusion - that we are going backwards in our education standards and achievement - shows that the problem is not a new one.

It is a long-standing crisis which the BN has successfully concealed from Malaysians thanks to media manipulation and its diversionary focus on language and Chinese school issues.

But it is no longer easy to fool Malaysians thanks to the internet media and the availability of international assessment results.

Hence the latest educational scandal in which the Education Ministry is accused of lowering the Maths and Science standards for the PMR and SPM examinations to artificially increase the pass rate does not shock me in the least.

Such efforts have been taking place for the past thirty years, especially in the public universities.

How else then to account for the hundreds of thousands of graduates who are unemployable?

My personal experience
The second piece of evidence is one derived from personal experience. For several years now, I have been providing scholarships to poor young Malaysians so that they will be able to go to the university to improve their life and career opportunities.

Below are examples of letters I have received from two applicants requesting for financial assistance (details of my scholarship programhere).

What is important to note is that although these are written by pre-university students, the level of English language competency attained is lower than that of a primary student during my time.

Sadly, they are not isolated cases - in fact they are typical of students who have been through our educational system and whose decline in standards has been due to BN rule.

Letter 1


I am ____________,I already take my SPM result~I'm interest on account Can you sponsor me about the study fees at Utar?



This are my SPM result.

Letter 2
Mrs.Koon, i am October Intake UTAR new degree student , my name is ______ from kampar, i am facing financial problem after i successful register Utar degree course, now i am stay at Kampar and open school already.

As i know UTAR can let student to borrow PTPTN loan to complete Degree. But after i successful register Degree course, UTAR stuff just tell me UTAR are not offer student to apply PTPTN loan on this semester, and i need to pay course fee and register fee first.

Sure i come from poor family, my family income below RM 1600 per month. My family never and not able to pay my fee around RM4000 at my first semester, i need to pay the bill before 23 october, if not i
forced to leaving school, i am very anxious now!

Before I am getting news from Mr.__________, may be i can getting financial aid from Mrs.Koon, so the purpose i send the gmail to Mrs.Koon is i requesting for financial aid to start and continue my degree course program in UTAR, i really want to start my study life and dream at UTAR.

At the election booth
In conclusion, private education has become a very profitable business as parents scramble to remedy the damage in the public system and use up their precious savings or mortgage their houses to enable their kids to get a decent education.

For this reason too, private universities and colleges are springing up like mushrooms. All of them are lowering entry requirements to capture more students. As a result, students like the two above were accepted to study in Utar.

Many people have the wrong impression that MCA's Utar is a charitable organisation set up to help the Chinese. In fact if you examine MCA's annual report, you will see that Utar is one of the best profit-making ventures for MCA.

Remember, the power to change the rotting education system is in your hands when you go to vote.

This message is especially directed at all parents and students - Malays, Chinese, Indians and other Malaysians - who have suffered as a result of BN incompetence and bad governance.

The logic and absurdity of voting for the same ruling party

Adapted from one of Salvatore Dali's reply to comments with some modifications.

To those who say the opposition party will be as corrupted when being voted into power and prefer to vote 'the devil you already know' ruling party, please say this to them: "That means you're willing to go with something that is 'proven' that they will continue to corrupt? It's akin to me saying that I will not rob you when I stay in your house but you do not believe me. And yet you allow the robbers who stay in your house to continue to rob you just because you do not believe that I will not rob you." So, the logic of voting the current ruling party just because the opposition party could be as corrupted is PURE FOOLISHNESS! Enough said.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. - Jesus

Friday, March 8, 2013

Penang BN supporters: No rule of law, law of the jungle rules?

Transcript of Lim Guan Eng's comments on the violent demonstration shown in the video above: 

They only know the language of hate and acts of violence. They almost broke down the glass door. If this is the type of supporters of Barisan Nasional, how can the people trust Barisan Nasional?

If BN supporters are like these, how can we trust Barisan Nasional?

Why is it that police allowed these people to act with impunity?Why did the police just standby and do nothing when they behaved like this? I think this is a more important question. The police must explain not only to the state government, but also to the rakyat.

They used racist language. The police must explain why they did not take any action.

Look at the way they attacked the glass door, people may be hurt. I think we must have something more solid.

We want to know why the police did not take any action. No arrest made, how can?

If we allow law breakers to threaten law makers, then we don't have rule of law in Malaysia, only the law of the jungle.

In summary, these type of violence, these type of behaviours, typical of BN supporters. The police must explain.

Politically how can the rakyat support BN when their supporters are like gangsters?

If they turn up, the police must be responsible.

The people can see the BN true colours.