Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stock take: TWSP, TDM, SOP

TWSP (RM4.70):
  • % Rise (From RM3.72): 26.34%
  • PER 2011: 7.5x
  • PBV: 1.3x
  • Comments: Some big players buying into this stock, often times in bulks. Just look at the heavy volume queuing up to buy. Buy queue ending today with 1,700++ lots at RM4.70!! The next superstar in the making IMHO. Just compare companies with earnings of RM350-RM450mil. Their market cap is way way up the sky at RM5bil-7bil. TWSP is still at RM2.49bil. Thus, I'm not surprised if its stock price shoots past RM6.00.

SOP (RM5.59): 
  • % Rise (From RM4.48): 24.8%
  • PER 2011: 9.0x
  • PBV: 1.86x
  • Comments: Concentrated big players buying into this stock. More erratic in volume. Not so cheap as compared to TWSP and TDM. Might shoot past RM6.00, who knows. RM6.00 is not expensive either if compared with the likes of IJMP and TSH. 

TDM (RM3.69):
  • % Rise (From RM2.98): 23.8%
  • PER 2011: 5.5x
  • PBV: 1.1x
  • Comments: Demand for its stocks too broad-based for now. Follow market sentiment too much, thus lull performance as compared to SOP or TWSP. Can only see small players nibble at it for now. Stopped at RM3.70-3.80 for some time. Still super duper cheap at this juncture. EPS could be close to 70 sen. Attaching PER of 10x will make it a RM7.00 stock. When will it arise from its current slumber? Hmmm....

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