Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sarawak Oil Palms Bhd (RM4.48; TP: >RM5.80): High production growth, PER of ~7x, cash-rich

Another plantation counter worth looking at: Sarawak Oil Palms Bhd. Someone must have been buying up this stock lately looking at its rally over the past few days. Some details on SOP:

  • 10-months year-to-date CPO production growth (y-o-y): 31.6%
  • 1H2011 net profit: RM125.5mil 
  • Expected 2011 net profit: RM280mil
  • 1H2011 earnings growth y-o-y: 135%
  • Net cash position: RM116mil
  • Immature plantation: 25,063ha
  • Mature plantation: 33,877ha
  • Reserves: ~15,000ha
  • Plantation expansion: Historically about 5K-10K ha p.a.
  • Growth prospects: Favorable tree age profile as about 43% of palm trees are immature. This will underpin strong growth in palm oil production over the next few years. SOP also invested downstream into palm oil refinery coupled with property development, but muted impact on earnings until about mid FY2012.
  • PER 2011: 6.95x assuming RM280mil net profit
  • PBV: 1.5x
  • Fair value: RM5.80 assuming PER of 9x, an upside of 29.5%; RM6.45 assuming PER of 10x, an upside of 46%.
SOP is currently exhibiting strong earnings growth coupled with strong production growth owing to its favorable tree age profile. This puts SOP above many other plantation counters as it is already reaping the fruits from its rapid expansion over the past few years, rather than having to wait a few more years for the fruits to ripe. Another counter having huge production growth in palm oil production is Jaya Tiasa, but the counter is not as attractive in my opinion as it is very illiquid with a higher PER and weaker balance sheet in addition to its major business in the timber industry (not that it's not good now, it's just not as solid as oil palm plantation).

SOP's current valuation remains attractive at PER of 6.95x, underpinned by strong balance sheet and solid growth. Having said that, TDM is still more undervalued as compared to SOP, but SOP receives wider coverage from research houses such as Maybank and OSK and it's recently included in the Mid-70 index as well, which might give some impetus to its share price and attract more investors. It's a stock worth putting into your basket of shares over the longer term. Exercise some caution though when buying as there might be some profit taking owing to the huge run-up in its share price.

Market Data:
Share price: RM4.48
Shares Issued: 434.15 mil
Market Cap: RM1,945 mil

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