Sunday, August 28, 2011

Notice on EPIC's Compensation Scheme for shareholders who sold their EPIC shares

The offerers will offer the Claimants, cash compensation equivalent to the differential amount between the offer price of RM3.10 and the price at which their EPIC shares were sold. Claimants must be an owner of EPIC shares as at 10 Dec 2010 and who has sold his/her shares during the compensation period at a price lower than RM3.10. The documents regarding this compensation will be sent out to Claimants within 21 days from 24th August. For more details, see here.

So, lucky for those who still hold their EPIC shares after 10 Dec 2010. My first time seeing this kind of compensation scheme. "So good one ah". But but, last time the offerers said there're no plans to take EPIC private. Oh well, as usual. What to do. 

PS: Compensation document, please click here


  1. So, if I am an owner ONLY AFTER 10 Dec 2010, can I still claim?

  2. Dear Leremy, please check this document. Thanks. You could go to the registrar office at Midvalley to check the compensation document and ask them about your eligibility for compensation. Thanks.$File/press%20release%20(despatch%20of%20Offer%20Doc%20and%20Compensation%20Doc).pdf

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