Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Why I Like Kumpulan Fima" by Dali: Malaysian research houses, please expand your horizon :p

Looks like the ballrolling has to start from the bloggers eh? There're still no research reports on Kumpulan Fima though probably everyone in the bloggersphere is recommending it (including Dali, Moolah and myself) and already investing in it!!!??? Maybe bloggers who are doing the hardwork of picking out these undervalued stocks should demand some payment eh..hehe..Ok, I'm just joking :p Some of the stocks which are not in the Bloomberg's analyst coverage list at all which have strong potential such as DRB Hicom, TDM, Kumpulan Fima, Cepatwawasan (though there's a write-up from CIMB with no recommendation).

Dali's article on Kumpulan Fima, click here.

PS: Another Forbes' Asia 200 Under A Billion award winner is Coastal Contracts which is trading at RIDICULOUSLY low PE of less than 5x!! Wakarimasen!!!


  1. Dali called to buy JCY @ 1.60 , JCY is now 0.77 , proof here >

    JCY looks likely to slash its IPO price to RM1.60 from an earlier indicative RM2.00. At RM1.60, its a good price level to get in. I still think its fair value is at RM1.80. Enough said.

    Posted by Salvatore_Dali at 1:41 PM
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  2. We're living in a fast changing financial market. Sentiments can change just overnight without warning. If I want to invest long term in stock market, better choose blue chips and avoid all these small cap cyclical stocks. Recommendations from just a month ago might have changed several times already. If invest in these stocks, watch closely, act wisely. It's all about entry and exit points. It's a skill which we have to develop. I can't really judge Dali's recommendation based on his prediction like 10 months ago!!! Many things have changed since then. His style is based on momentum play backed by fundamentals, meaning it's fast changing. If you want investment horizon of like 1 year, go to unit trusts.

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