Sunday, December 19, 2010

Who is this NENO or TAS or whatever? Someone who has lost money and spam people's blogs with his rants? - In reply to his post

neno said...

Dali called to buy JCY @ 1.60 , JCY is now 0.77 , proof here >

JCY looks likely to slash its IPO price to RM1.60 from an earlier indicative RM2.00. At RM1.60, its a good price level to get in. I still think its fair value is at RM1.80. Enough said.

My reply:

"We're living in a fast changing financial market. Sentiments can change just overnight without warning. If I want to invest long term in stock market, better choose blue chips and avoid all these small cap cyclical stocks. Recommendations from just a month ago might have changed several times already. If invest in these stocks, watch closely, act wisely. It's all about entry and exit points. It's a skill which we have to develop. I can't really judge Dali's recommendation based on his prediction like 10 months ago!!! (MY GOSH!! IT'S BLOODY 10 MONTHS AGO. I might not even consider recommendations like a month ago. They're just good for information sake.) Many things have changed since then. His style is based on momentum play backed by fundamentals, meaning it's fast changing. If you want investment horizon of like 1 year, go to unit trusts. Thus, if we lose money, we have ourselves to be blamed. That's my standpoint. We are responsible for our own money, decision, judgment. If we're not careful enough, blame ourselves. That's all. Thanks."

So, dear readers, exercise your own judgment. Read my entries with your critical eyes and analyze the stocks by yourselves. Don't follow my recommendations or others' blindly. I'm no Sotong and I'm not God. If you agree with my entries, it's a compliment for me. If not, I'll be more than glad that you could provide constructive comments. Thanks.

PS: Stop spamming people's blogs if you lose money or for whatever reason. Moolah's blog and a few others also kena.

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  1. that guy's comments in alex's blog was even worst. damn rude. sam's kaki.