Thursday, October 7, 2010

A simple look at glove makers - Which is the most attractive??

Top Glove's quarterly results just came out and the performance was not favorable owing to normalizing demand, weak USD and high latex prices. Is this a precursor to what we are going to see in the glove makers' performance for 3Q10? Will other glove makers' performances be as poor as Top Glove? I will try to present my simple guess and see which one is the most attractive for now.

Based on the table above, Top Glove should be the most affected amid high natural rubber (NR) prices, followed by Adventa, Supermax, Kossan, Latexx and Hartalega (The least affected). Therefore, we might not see earnings of other glove companies decline as much as Top Glove.

Owing to the high NR prices, some customers are switching to nitrile gloves which currently enjoy firm demand. Therefore, Latexx and Hartalega might continue to remain firm (or less affected) in their earnings/margins in the following quarters owing to their higher exposure to premium segment i.e. nitrile and powder-free gloves.

Looking at the glove makers performances above, I would prefer Latexx as its growth in earnings and margins appeared to be more resilient while its 2Q2010 earnings growth remain in the positive QoQ when others were experiencing contraction (except for Adventa but earnings are rather inconsistent and too small for my taste). From pure PER valuation point of view, Latexx remains the cheapest. Latexx is moving into premium segment i.e. Powder-free and nitrile gloves where demand is firmer. Besides, Latexx could also benefit from its washing system to remove protein content in the gloves which will come onstream in 4Q2010 and could contribute strongly to its earnings.

In my simple conclusion, Latexx will be my top pick for the glove sector for now.

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