Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Investor's Mind = Wakarimasen

Some humorous comments from my chatbox, made my day..Thanks, hahaha :)

- TDM dropped like there is a big fire in their estate.
- Glove counters dropped like waterfall as if suddenly people don't need gloves anymore.

Anyway, sometimes I admit I don't really know what's in the investors' mind. Simply sell shares like nobody's business. APM just announced their stunning results of 18.7 sen EPS in 2Q 2010, supported by net cash of around RM290 mil or RM1.44 per share on 18th Aug 2010. And...Tada!! The share dropped from RM4.91 to RM4.40 currently. Wakarimasen!! Perhaps someone can enlighten me on this :p