Wednesday, June 2, 2010

SC amends unit trust fund guidelines

Good news for unit trust buyers but not enough :p Hopefully there will be more liberalization in the unit trusts industry with foreign fund management companies such as Schroders, Aberdeen, Allianz, Deutsche, Fortis, Fidelity, Fullerton etc etc allowed to sell their funds here in Malaysia instead of going through the local banks as feeder funds. In addition, Malaysia currently has very limited choices of funds to choose from as most are regional funds such as Asia, Global, Emerging Markets and BRIC, unlike Singapore or Hong Kong which have a diversity of single country/sector funds such as Russia, Brazil, Vietnam or technology funds to choose from. Should there be more leeway for foreign unit trusts coming into Malaysia, it'll be interesting for Malaysian investors as we could invest in places which are not accessible to us at the moment. Malaysia could also benefit from greater participation of foreign investors in Malaysia's capital markets. However, I guess Malaysia is still too protective of the local unit trusts players at this moment and might not see this coming in the near future.

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