Sunday, June 6, 2010

Economic numbers: The week ahead

  • Retail Sales - Modest growth expected
  • Consumer Confidence Index - Weak labour market could continue to weigh it down
  • Initial Jobless Claims
  • External Trade
  • Germany Factory Orders - Underlying trend on the upside, but might grow at slower pace after a big jump in the previous month
  • Germany IPI - To be higher on rising orders
  • UK IPI - To be higher on rising orders
  • External Trade - Optimistic, driven by higher export prices. But sustainability of EU and US economic recovery will determine the direction of its export growth going forward.
  • IPI - Might slow owing to falling PMI
  • CPI - Higher at est. 3.2% driven by higher grain prices
  • Retail Sales - To be higher driven by higher retail sales price. But might erode household income.
  • IPI - Continue to be strong following strong export numbers
  • 10th Malaysia Plan (10 June 2010)

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