Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some fantastic applications found on Bloomberg website

Maybe some of you would have known about applications available in Bloomberg website but I just found out today (Ya...I'm quite outdated) that I can actually track my own portfolio similar to how unit trust performance is tracked. The information displayed is something like the fund factsheets we find on unit trusts' websites. They display our portfolio allocation based on market capitalization, sectors and individual stocks. In addition, Bloomberg provides charting for our portfolio performance, realized/unrealized gains/losses, individual stocks information, news on stocks we own, a live market monitor (not sure about the delay time though - but will be handy for us who invest in overseas markets which have no live-monitor available here), currency conversion (if we own overseas stocks) etc etc.

If you want to start using this, sign up with Bloomberg first via Bloomberg website. After login, go to 'Portfolio Tracker' as shown in the figure below:

Edit your sales and purchases (Illustration Purpose only):

Portfolio Allocation:

Portfolio Performance:

Stock Info:

I find this application is nice to play around. If you want to know how good you are as a fund manager, this application could be a great help. Enjoy!!!

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